“I have been using BDS Packaging since 2003 and have found their service and interaction with my company to be exceptional. The staff at BDS has demonstrated an interest in our business beyond that of a typical vendor, and has assisted us in our growth through their ability to be flexible to our needs, often by offering solutions to us that are cost-conscious and thoughtful to customer service. Our relationship has involved inventory management, repackaging, display fulfillment and order processing . I have been very pleased with the services and interaction with the staff at BDS during our relationship. I can recommend their services with the utmost confidence.”

Kevin Castle
BDS Packaging is here to help your small business every step of the way of your fulfillment or mailing project, from the design of a postcard to exporting a mailing list out of QuickBooks. Small quantity printing and mailing services, best practices for small business, is at the core of our offerings. We ensure that you understand the printing and fulfillment process, help your business work through any challenges and offer you a fair price that larger corporations cannot match.

Throughout your project you will deal directly with the owners. We believe in personally taking care of our customers, and taking responsibility for your product. Knowing our customers by first name and treating them as much more than just a dollar figure – it’s why we are who we are today.